06 May, 2012GEORGE WELLS

Platinum record holder, Patsy Trigg, has a new Christmas song out. I would love to send you an mp3 copy. It may be as good as her Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

29 February, 2012tommy botz

the last playlist is november 26,2011 are you still on the air,thanks God Bless,Tommy

23 February, 2012Gary Hunn

Hi Ken, A big thank you for the airplay and support you have very generously given the new album. Very kind of you and very much appreciated. G.

07 January, 2012Leona Brouff

I am trying to find more information on the band Live Stock (Dirty Little Secret) but am not having any luck. Can you assist in any way??

Many thanks

25 November, 2011John Phillips

Ken, enjoyed your show over the past approx 15 years I have been lstening. Will miss the great music.

Thanks so much.

Where are you off to?

25 November, 2011Mike Ryan

You will be missed Ken. Thanks for all the years of great music and your dry,mischevious sense of humour. As a committed sinner, my weekly visit to the church has lengthened the odds of me heading south when I go to my reward.
Best of luck for the future to you and yours.

- Mike

09 November, 2011Byrd & Street

Hey Ken,

Thanks for the airplay! We really appreciate it!

Kathy Street

04 November, 2011The Texettes

Woohoo and thanks for the spin "All Through the Night" on Sat 8th October 2011 - Helen, The Texettes

04 September, 2011John Phillips

Ken, enjoy your show very much; unfortunately on Saturday I also go joging with Woodstock Runners (Burwood) from Brett Park at Drummoyne. I particularly wanted to hear Marital Mayhem in full - any chance you could release a dvd of the songs?

25 August, 2011Chris

Learned about your station from Neil Austin Imber's website. We have a CD out that was produced by Mary Chapin Carpenter's producer/lead guitar player (i.e. John Jennings) called Ragged But Right. You can hear samples here -> http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/Memphis59 or on Pandora here -> http://www.pandora.com/music/album/memphis+59/ragged+but+right. I'd be happy to send a disk if you would add us to your playlist. If you need more information, please let me know.

14 August, 2011Walker Ikard

Hello Ken***

How have you been doing?
Thanks so much for playing my new song, "Redbird At My Window", from my new CD, "When The World Lost Mr. James", on your wonderful show. I really do appreciate it.
Stay in touch.


Walker Ikard

PS. walkerikard@yahoo.com

09 August, 2011marty denton

thanks so much for playing my music, i appreciate it so much, Marty Denton

06 August, 2011Walker Ikard

Hello Ken***

How are you doing today?
I really do appreciate you playing my new song, "I Wish Things Were Like They Used To Be", from my new CD, "When The World Lost Mr. James".
Feel free to send any playlist, whenever you wish.
Any comments about my songs are sincerely appreciated.
Stay in touch.


Walker Ikard

PS. walkerikard@yahoo.com

06 August, 2011Walker Ikard

Hello Ken***

How are you doing?
Thanks so much for playing my new song, "Walk A Mile", from my new CD, "When The World Lost Mr. James", on your wonderful show. I really do appreciate it so much.
Feel free to send any playlist to my email address.
Stay in touch.


Walker Ikard

PS. walkerikard@yahoo.com

04 August, 2011scott

please play get up by brewn

17 July, 2011Tommy Botz

I wanted to thank you for playing"Could You Be The Girl"on July,9th.I've lived in a halfway house in Cleveland,Ohio for the past 7yrs.I poured my life into a bottle but had a MIRACLE happen on April,9th,2004.Please go to www.adrunksdreamcomestrue.com God Bless,Tommy

15 June, 2011carl freberg

Dear Ken,

Thank you so very much for playing my new cd.

We are going back to Nashville in July to start our new album.

The best of health to you and your family.



14 June, 2011Sam

I really like Kirsty Akers new song with bob evans can you play it again and busby marou. Cheers sam

11 June, 2011Mark J Jennings

We at Banner Records appreciate the airplay support for our new Gary Campbell release " My First Million ".

Thank You ! Mark J Jennings Director Artist Promotions

11 June, 2011Conny Lee

Hello Ken.

I like to thank you for playing my song “Seven Lonely Days" Hillcrest CD 58 on your show.
For all airplay & continuous support.
Good luck with your programm.

And hopefully till next time…
I wish you a great weekend.
Country greetings from the Netherlands.

My best regards.
Conny Lee.

23 May, 2011Buck T. Edwards

Hey Ken, lots of thanks for putting me on your shows! Release that inner redneck and cheers! :) Buck T. Edwards

23 May, 2011Connie Kis Andersen

G'day ken ... just wanted to drop by and say a big THANK YOU for playing 'A MAN IN BOOTS' ... so much appreciated!

Have a great day!

Connie Kis xx

17 May, 2011Peter Hicks / Sleepy Driver

The Sleepy Driver "Steady Now - Expanded Edition" is now available for download at:


It includes three bonus tracks: Ring The Black Bell, Hand In The Till, and Blue-Eyed Boy.



Ken- also thanks in advance for your consideration on the upcoming FAR Chart.


Hey Y'all- thanks for the spin of "San Antone". Hope you check out some of the other tracks too.
Peace, Toke

02 May, 2011Tommy Botz

Thank you for playing Mama{a mothers love}i wrote this for mama when i was in jail and got off the phone with her.she told me through her tears that she prayed i was warm and had enough to eat and to pray to jesus to keep me safe.i miss her and daddy more and more with each passing day.i've always said that when GOD made them he threw the mold away.i dedicated my cd to them and put their wedding picture on the cover.thanks again for playing it.god bless,tommy botz

24 April, 2011 Artist : Randy Steppick

krdcountry, I want to thank you very much for spinning my
my music for Australian country music fans !!!!

I'm a six time award winning singer-songwriter, and I
also have two videos on YouTube. My music & news can be
reviewed at randysteppickmusic.com

And thanks again, Randy Steppick

23 April, 2011Stephen David Austin

Hi Ken- While indulging in the shamefully narcissistic practice of "googling" myself, I was thrilled to see that you had played my song "The Day Buck Owens Died". The song was an advance release from my first solo CD, scheduled to be released in June. Thanks a million for your support! Steve

11 April, 2011TOMMY BOTZ


09 April, 2011Laurie

Just thought I\'d drop you a note to say I read your piece on Tamworth and thought it really good and a well written piece similar to what I experienced. Not so sure that what we need is our own Taylor Swift - typical record company view if you ask me and something that in my opinion has held back Australian music for decades....we\'ll never compete directly against her, our video\'s will always look second rate in comparison because of budget and as long as we go to Nashville trying to find the songs we\'ll always be given the ones the top artists don\'t want. We need our own, Australian shaped and grown artist, not copying Taylor but existing in her own right, writing her own songs and carrying her own vision of what she wants to be and how her music should be presented. Watch the AICM because we may just have the artist to deliver later in the year!!

Also thanks so much for your support of the Duke Wilde Band we really appreciate it and the boys reputation and fan base is growing daily, and with your help we\'ll make the band stars by their next album.

Cheers and thanks for the support.


06 April, 2011marty denton

thanks for playing Dr. Honky Tonk, i appreciate it very much, Marty

24 March, 2011Neil Getz

Hey Ken-

Thanks a bunch for spinning "Penny Candy" on Sydney's Coolest Country. I'm thrilled to be on your show. I hope I can follow my song's lead and catch some of that Sydney air sometime. Watch for me floating under Harbour Bridge in a innertube, cutoffs, and a hat, trying to row with a beer bottle.

Best regards,

Neil Getz
Berkeley, California

23 March, 2011Steve Satterwhite THE GREAT RECESSION ORCHESTRA

Thanks so much for the spins on your shows.

We all wish we could come play in Australia.
And we hope all the storm-struck people are doing better.

Best regards,
Steve In Dallas


18 March, 2011GEORGE WELLS

I noticed on March 5, you played Puppy Dogs and Country Girls Don't Belong on City Streets. Thanks so much for your kindness.
I co-wrote the song with my long-time friend, Billy Stone, in 1973.
Billy has finished his book by the same title. It is an interested read about a young girl in the Nashville wilderness, trying to be a country music star. Again, let me thank you. It is a great honor be heard in Australia. Wow.

05 March, 2011LARRY C JOHNSON



19 February, 2011Stephen and Kate Giles

Just read your fantastic Tamworth update for this year. Here's hoping some of the "powers to be" here read and take note.

02 February, 2011andy baylor

Thanks Ken for such an informative ,critical and very useful report on this year's festival...all the best Andy



16 January, 2011Leyla Fences

Hi Ken - I just wanted to stop by and thank you for all the spins you've given "Liars, Cheats & Fools" over the past 6 months. You were instrumental in helping the CD make the FAR Chart's Top 3 Debut CDs for 2010 and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your interest in my music and your support. Thank you so much for playing independent artists like myself and for keeping it country!!

Leyla Fences

11 December, 2010marty denton

thanks for playing Shay Hood Fall Like a Fool, we are new label in south Arkanansas, Trip Jct. Records, thanks again, Marty

15 November, 2010Doug Bruce

Thanks for your support in playing songs from my new album "A Good Place", Ken
Just note that the latest single is Honky Tonk Shoes (in your playlist as Honky Tonk Heroes).
Cheers mate. Hope to see you in Tamworth in Jan - we'll be doing songs from the new album and some new covers thrown in there to mix it up from last year's shows.

14 November, 2010Bonnie of LBW Music

Thank you Ken for playing Laurie Allen....keeping his music alive, very much appreciated.......

24 October, 2010Don Allen

Hi Ken,

Just discovered that you have been playing my new single *Another Angel In Heaven* on your great radio show. Want to thank you so much and hope that one day we can catch up in person.
Wondering if you have my other stuff thats been out there for a while. Please come back to me and let me know.

Kindest Regards, Don Allen.

09 October, 2010mick simpson

Please could you inform Marie Hodson that I am the lead
guitar she needs, please go to my bio on my web site
Looking forward to meeting up with her.
Thanks Ken

Regards Mick

04 October, 2010Rob Foenander

Appreciate your comments on Tamworth and some very valid points you raise.

Best Regards.

Rob Foenander

08 September, 2010Nedia Keel

I just want to thank you so much for including me on your play list Aug. 14th. I would love for you to continue putting songs from my current Gospel CD " Your Love" on the air for people to hear. My prayer is that people will be uplifted by my music and other peoples music. Thanks for sharing the gospel with people. Many Blessings to you. Nedia Keel
p.s. The song on Aug. 14th playlist was 'Walk Around Me Jesus"

19 August, 2010Spike Flynn

Hi Ken,

Just to say thanks for playing the tracks from "It's alright" on the program.

Kind regards, Spike Flynn.

09 August, 2010Harry Fzisher

Hello you have played a song from a Artist named Diko titled "Il'l neverbe sorry" you have the artist 's name as Niko but thats ok. However you should really here some other material this guy has. A song titled" One More Time" thats a hit if I'ev ever heard one.. Please let me know when you have him programmed to play I will be sure to tune in and listen...Thank you Harry Fisher

13 July, 2010Tom "T Bird" Wagnon

Thanks for the automated email response. My question now is if there are any openings now or prospected to be in the near future for on-air employment. As I stated in my prior email, I'm certain that novelty of my Southern U.S. brogue along w/ qucik wit and personality would be a true asset to your station. I would greatly appreciate some form of correspondence so that I can fill you in on other options as to why this would be a great advantage to you in Australia. Thanks again for your time and look forward to hopefully hearing from you.

Tom "T Bird" Wagnon

08 July, 2010Tom "T Bird" Wagnon

Hey Ken,
A bit of background on myself...I'm an on-air personality here in the U.S. looking to get to the country I've always wanted to be a part of. I'm a true "Southern" country boy and full fledged member of the Redneck Rebellion. I've worked in many markets here and have been privilged to have taken stations here to #1 status by using my bass southern drawl that the 'shelias' simply love! If you like to talk sometime to get a feel for my style and dynamic, I'd love to spend whatever time it would take. I DO know that when you bring something unique to your listeners and make them feel like they ARE a part of your family especially when your out in public that you CAN'T lose in numbers, time spent listening and new clients that I know I could bring to your station. You have my email addy and in case you do want to call, my # is 1 (662) 587-3771.
Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you!

T Bird

22 June, 2010Jesse Gess

Please play Dirt Road Demon by the Matt Sapp Band

08 June, 2010Razzy Bailey

Some years ago myself and Charlie Pride toured your beautiful country. Which by the way would be my favorite place to settle down, should I ever. I would love to tour Australia again and perhaps even become a part of this festival.
I want to take this opportunity for all the fans and supporters of my many years of music and invite you to listen to my last release "Heart of Stone". I invite you to visit myl web site razzybailey.com or facebook realrazzybailey@yahoo.com also u-tube.
Thank you for a very interesting article! your friend Razzy Bailey

15 May, 2010Ann Pascoe

Hi Ken,

Thank you so much for playing my duet with Hermann Lammers Meyer! We appreciate the airplay!!

All the best from New Zealand

13 April, 2010candisuzanne


09 April, 2010Brian Collins

Thanks for playing "toke 'er 2" It has been many years since my visit to Australia. Thanks so much!
Brian Collins :)

01 April, 2010hank alrich


I was tickled this morning to find your playlist for March 27, and our track "The Great Baltimore Fire" included. That is our first spin in Australia, as far as I can tell.

Many thanks for the airplay! One of my good musical friends is Tasmanian Audrey Auld, whom I met in Austin TX a few years ago. It's fun to know we've gotten some action somewhat closer to her homeland.

27 March, 2010dj FABRIZIO CORNEO


I present on RADIO MAGENTA on programme of country music: OTM - BLUEGRASS - HONKY TONK - NEW COUNTRY - etc.....
I request if possible, receive yours cds country music, for promotion my programme on radio, whitout custody plastic.

THANK YOU for your support my programme country music on RADIO MAGENTA.

BEST REGARDS for my end dj staff radio.



25 March, 2010Greg Alan

Just checking in and seeing how Greg Alan "Cowboy Way" is doing? Keep us posted on any news!!!

Thank you all for your support!!!
Greg Alan

15 February, 2010Mark Edson

Hi Ken. Good to see you in Tamworth this year. Looking forward to reading your report on the festival. I had another fantastic time and I hope you did too. Great music and, as always, something to suit everyone's tastes.

25 January, 2010David Otwell

Hi Ken,

Thanks so much for playing You Can Wait on His Memory from our new album, Highway Gothic. You've played tunes from our previous cds as well, and we are very grateful.

All the best from DeSoto Rust.



13 January, 2010Randy Mullet and the Red Hot Tyrannophonic Bunny Dogs


Your program on Dec 19, 2009 included our song, "At the Wall on Christmas Eve." We've had backup music aired on a radio commercial in the United States, but as far as we know, your show was the first to broadcast one of our original commercially released recordings.

Is it possible to get a CD/DVD/tape or other copy of the Dec 19 program? It would mean a lot to us and our families to have it for a keepsake.

We're planning a new release soon (our lead singer has had the flu, and that has delayed the recording date) and will send a "digital press kit" from AirplayDirect.com to let you know when it comes out. The title is "A Thousand Miles Away From Tennessee" and is a "story song", based on a true story, about a woman faced with choosing between her long-lost first love or staying with, "that man at home, who wouldn't know that she was gone, until he came to ask for her paycheck."

We'll be more than happy to pay the cost of a copy of the Dec 19 show if it can be provided. If not, thanks anyway, and thank you again for including us in your playlist.

Randy Mullet

09 January, 2010Stephen Brady

Hi Ken, since hearing Declan Burke sing After All These Years I've been trying to finds how I could purchase a copy but I cannot find any trace of it on the internet or in i-tunes. What do you have iit on and how did you get it?

Stephen Brady.

26 December, 2009Randy Mullet

Thanks for being the very first broadcast station to play "At The Wall On Christmas Eve."

Randy Mullet and the Red Hot Tyrannophonic Bunny Dogs

25 October, 2009Buck T. Edwards

Thanks for all the support guys, KRD totally rocks and Buck T. Edwards says sah-lute! :)

25 October, 2009Sylkie Monoff

Hi Ken,
Just stopping by to thank you for including my music in your program.
Have a great week and keep up the good work!

09 October, 2009David Nelson Ostrosser

Hi Ken,

Just want to thank you for playing my music. I was chuffed that you picked out I Bought the Company to play, because that's really the one I'm proudest of. Kind of a tragi-comic thing that George Jones might do.

One day I'll make it down to Aussie again (I actually started school in Engadine) and I'll look you up.

Thanks again!

14 September, 2009Buck T. Edwards

Thank you so much for playing my song Thank God for Beer. I appreciate and hope to get over there and have a visit sometime. KRD Country Rocks! :) Buck

28 August, 2009Billy O

What a knucklehead I am....I think I sent it via another email....Will send cd's this week.Thanks for the play,means a lot.
Billy O

28 August, 2009Billy O

Hi Ken
We want to thank you for playing our song "Last Time" on your Aug 22 show...delighted to see it was played in Sydney...Can I send our cd's? Did Mark send you one already?...not sure where you got our music but happy you did,

15 August, 2009joe zacharias

thank you for playin my cd, and the good coments on it, thanks again. joe

12 August, 2009Red Kilby

Hey Ken, I did not know that you were into trains, other than being a country music artist, my main job everyday is a Locomotive Engineer for the Union Pacific Railroad here in Pueblo,Colorado, USA. I have been for 19 years. Take care, and stay in touch, Red Kilby UPRR ENGINEER

12 August, 2009Red Kilby

Hi Ken and the folks at KRD Country, I would just like to send out a very special THANK YOU, for playing my music in Australia. I would really like to get over there someday, and play at one of your festivals. Please contact me if you know of any promoters that would be interested, take care and thanks again, Red Kilby


10 August, 2009Clint Martin

Thanks for spinning my single "West Side of The Tracks". It is hard to believe I'm being played in Australia!!! Thanks for the support!

Clint Martin

09 August, 2009john Arthur martinez, the singer-songwriter

Thanks for spinning "Utopia" this past weekend. I appreciate your support of independent Texas music like mine. --adio, john Arthur martinez

29 July, 2009Jay Scott Berry

G'day Ken,
I'll be in Sydney on Aug 8th for an interview with Barbara Morison. I'll have time to stop by 2RRR afterwards for a chat, say around 9am.
Just let me know....
Thanks for the support.
6550 7312

03 June, 2009marie Hodson

Hi Ken,
Just a quick message to say youre album is on its way.
"Read between the Lies"
Hope you enjoy it and are still enjoying my single "Cowboys Love Texas"
Will email you a Bio
Take Care Marie

26 May, 2009Marie Hodson

Hello , My name is Marie Hodson and I have just relocated to NSW. Last year I put out a CD called "Read Between the Lies"
One of my Tracks has been released on Hillcrest Music entitiled "Cowboys Love Texas"
I would like the opportunity to send you my CD for you to have a listen and consider some for airplay. The album was produced in Nashville and Redd Volkaert played on 5 of the Tracks, all the musicians were exceptional and have played on Johnny Cash, Josh Turner, Carrie Underwood, Tracy Lawerence albums. Look forward to hearing from you
You can check out some of my songs on my myspace page
Thanks Marie

30 April, 2009Original Snakeskins

Hi Ken
Thanks for playing us on your show. We're working on a new batch of songs and start recording in July.
Andrew (Original Snakeskins)

02 April, 2009Byrd & Street


Just wanted to thank you for playing He Tells All the Girls He\'s A Cowboy! We appreciate it!

Kathy (Street) & Tommy (Byrd)

21 March, 2009Christen Sawyer

Hey guys! Just wanted to thank you for spinning my first single "Crazy". I really appreciate it! It's unbelievable to know that people are hearing it all the way in Australia!! God bless yall.


05 March, 2009debbie bergeron

Hi Ken,
Thank you so much for adding my new single FEELS LIKE THIS. I appreciate your support. It's great to be on your station.
Debbie Bergeron

22 February, 2009Alby Pool

Hi Ken , Thanks for the write up, its really good to know there is somebody out there noticing whats happening and having the courage to write about it . It would be great to wrestle a country Tamworth back from the Agents and so called promoters that have done their best to stuff it up for many years . We will just keep plugging away and hopefully leave country music in good hand when we decide we have had enough. I will send you my last 2 albums and Melodys EP for your airplay , Thanks once again and Cheers Alby

20 February, 2009Dane Sharp

Thank you for adding my track Nashville Tennesee to you play list and all your support

Cheers Dane

19 February, 2009Hank Smiff

Well I jut read your Tamworth comments and you are 100% right again, same as last year. Sandra in your top 10, that means you have good ears. I'm voting for you to take over Tamworth. Regards Hanksmiff

18 February, 2009trish

Hi there,
Thanks for the mention re: Joe Maguires this year. Did you get a cd? I'll be happy to send one to you if you need it.


17 February, 2009Judy Hunter Quinn

Hey Ken,
Great site. Is there any chance of getting updates on gigs for ACT on this site.

keep up the good fight. Judy

14 January, 2009Trinity Lane

Hello, nice site you have here. I was wondering if I may submit my music to you for airplay consideration. You can visit me on the web at www.trinityannelane.net. Thank you for your time.

Trinity Lane

14 January, 2009Mike Eckstein

We would are doing alot of great things here in the States. Opening for Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Kidrock, Uncle Kracker, Jake Owen, Josh Gracen, Bret Michaels, the list goes on.

Were looking to get some support from overseas. We'd like to submit a promo pack and cd to see if theres anythig you can do for my artist "JoCaine"

Hope to hear from you,

Mike Eckstein

take a listen at Myspace.com/jocaineand75north

thank you

08 January, 2009John Maines Jr

Just stoping by again Ken to say Hi and to Thank you for playing some of my songs on your shows.Your friend in Woodland Pa.USA John Maines Jr

04 January, 2009Rob and Rena

Happy New Year Ken ! Have it's fantastic for u !
Love your website. Real groovy.
All the best.
Rob 'n' Rena

19 December, 2008Richard Leonard

Back Home is an Arwsome song

11 December, 2008Kim Bryan

We just wanted to thank you for playing Neil Austin Imber\\\'s songs from his first CD Roll The Dice. We will be in Nashville this coming July working on his second CD. We plan to use a different studio and this album is shaping up to be even better than the first. Neil\\\'s written 7 new songs already to go on it and if you would like to hear any mp3\\\'s of the acoustic samples of them we would be happy to send them to you. We hope you have a happy holiday!

05 December, 2008Denise Brooks

Hi there
Thanks heaps for playing One of Kidmans Men on your program.
Take Special care Always

20 October, 2008Steve Helms Band

We would love to play Tamworth next year. Please consider us on your next upcoming show. Thanks so much for playing our music. Steve Helms

30 September, 2008cheryl casselman

Hi there,

I am from Canada, can I send you a copy of my new CD?
Thank you,

26 August, 2008Bird Jensen

You may be interested in this:



16 August, 2008mike carnes

please play tony pierce, rick sharp and sonny burgess

14 August, 2008mike carnes

play more tony pierce and rick sharp

29 July, 2008kenny butterill

someone sent me your playlist - thanks for the spin. been going "in" lately, and busy with cabin project in canada, but hope to have one more music project out after that is done. best wishes, kenny

21 June, 2008john maines jr

Thanks Ken for playing -I'D NEVER DRINK WHISKEY AGAIN-.on your show.John Maines Jr

21 June, 2008Tom Magee

I have listened to you Saturday morning show for so long, but this morning you blew me away. You played a song:
'The Room We never go in' by Joe Paul Nichols
It was so good. I searched for this song on net and called record shops, but could not find.

Tom, the song is on an album called How Big Is God - follow the link to the yesterday and today records website; Steve may still have a copy. Ken

Can you help me find it please.

Oh I love Saturday mornings for your music.
Many thanks


09 June, 2008David Mercer

I would like to ask your permission to submit my new CD Boggo Road to your for consideration ans possible air play.
Your friend in Texas David Mercer

David, always happy to receive and review music - see contact page for mailing details. Thanks, Ken

11 May, 2008john maines jr

Thanks Ken for playing my song-OUTLAW RUNNIN WILD -on your show.full cd will be mailed out in 2 weeks.Thanks John Maines Jr

04 April, 2008Claude Diamond

Good to see one my songs,"I Waited Too Long", on your playlist!! Thanks for the spin.

Best regards and take care.



Hi Ken, Thanks so much for playing some of my country gospel songs! Have we sent you the following new cd's yet:? "RICK SHARP" 'Rick And Ol' Waylon Still Play on' / PAUL ALAN COONS" 'The Ride Of Life' / MARY LEE' 'Naturally' T. JAE CHRISTIAN" 'The Vanishing Breed'

Let us know and if not, we'll surelyy get them to ya!!

T. Jae Christian

16 March, 2008Robert Briggs

For the days you can't listen to krdcountry, try the streaming audio from www.925theoutlaw.com . I'd like to attend Tamworth if I ever get the opportunity.
Robert Briggs
Camp Wood, Texas

08 March, 2008Mark Lucas

that Miss Leslie & her Juke Jointers cd is a cracker- love it to death! don't want it back too soon, my be tempted to..gasp...burn the darn thing! Cheers

21 February, 2008Sandra Humphries

Hey Ken,
Read your report on Tamworth 2008, very entertaining as usual! Glad to have you on my good side!
Thanks for the support

Love Sandra

12 February, 2008Mistin Summers

Hey there!
The Tamworth report was great this year (as it was last year...if only because because of my famous quote).

You had some great advice for all of the 'up and coming' female singers. I think they should hire you for next years college of country music! Ha-Ha. I laughed pretty hard about that.

All the best and maybe I'll see you at the next festival.

Mistin...still a starmaker loser...Hah!

12 February, 2008John Thornton

I just read your Tamworth comments. I agree with almost everything you said. This is very disturbing, I rarely find anyone who has a similar opinion to mine.I think you should run for a place on the board of the Tamworth Country Music Festival. It's time for the "Changing of the Guard".
Sandra Humphries is in my opinion our best female vocalist. She wins a TIARA and finds it dificult to get more than a couple of gigs in Tamworth.
Rob Wilson has a similar problem.
I have all of Alby Pools CD's and I play him in my car.

12 February, 2008Rick

THanks for spinning our single "I'm Alright"! Send me your mailing address and we'll forward you a copy of the new cd when it comes out in April! Take care! Rick

10 February, 2008Brother

Site looks great ! I read your Tamworth report. We must do breakfast...

08 February, 2008Shelby

Dear Ken
Love your show - I've just discovered it.

I accessed your website to look at a playlist (just after I heard it broadcast) for a song on 9/2/08 played a little before 8:30am - titled I believe as "Everybody Dance to the Bogie Woogie Roll". Unfortuntately I didnt catch who had sung the song.
Could you please provide more details so I may obtain a copy in the future.

08 February, 2008BG Bremer

wow! I don't know of anyone else that plays Tompal or the Glazer Brothers. Here in the USA it's as though they never existed! Keep it up, mate!

-BG Bremer, producer- The Glaser Bros., West of Texas

24 August, 2007Patti McKinnon

Howdy!!!!!!!!!! i would like to "Thank You" for playing my songs......Can you let me know if you have any of my albums or just GSL..Cheers Patti