Tamworth is the location for Australia's largest annual country music festival. Held across 10 days in late January each year, the Tamworth festival attracts over 50,000 visitors who enjoy a wide spectrum of country music across all permutations of the genre. The music is played in pubs and clubs, outdoor arenas and along Peel St, as well as various 'ad hoc' venues. Each year the gig guide lists over 2000 separate performances by hundreds of artists. Everyone you have heard of and many that you haven't make a point of playing Tamworth.

Tamworth is a wonderful celebration of all things country! It is one of the few times of the year that all of the industry gathers in one place. The 'stars' may appear at any time, guesting on each others shows as well as dropping in on the numerous 'jam' events that characterise Tamworth. Newcomers see Tamworth as a way to gain valuable exposure and to try their luck in front of new and larger audiences. Everyone is an equal in Tamworth and each year the fans go home having witnessed some magic musical moments.

International visitors often comment on how accessible and 'interactive' the festival is, and you never know who will be standing next to you in the most unlikely of venues! Tamworth is a place to not only hear some great music (and also some very bad music), the festival provides an opportunity for musicians, performers, friends and fans to freely mix in a casual and friendly environment. Tamworth can feel like a party that runs for days on end!

The culmination of the festival is the awards night on the last Saturday night - the Golden Guitar awards. Although these awards have sometimes been mired in controversy they remain the benchmark against which industry participants measure themselves and others. Winning a Golden Guitar is a major sign of achievement and attracts much industry kudos.

The Tamworth festival is unquestionably the highlight of the annual Australian country music calendar. From mid-January, all roads, rail and air links lead to Tamworth - Australia's home of country music (at least for 10 days of the year).